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Consulting and Coaching: Onsite or Virtual

"Consulting" provides a short term but personalized experience, bringing the expertise you need in your authentic setting, through observation, recommendations, and some limited discussion.

"Coaching" is a longer-term, relationship-based process that can involved multiple visits, observations, highly individualized recommendations, book study, modeling and ongoing communication and problem-solving between the coach and clientele.

Ready to train some of your own district staff as Autism Coaches? Build the capacity of your staff to meet the needs of your students on the spectrum!

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Autism Coaching for Educators.
Customized Professional Development


Professional Development is available for client districts in a number of formats, including:

On-site, large group or smaller break out sessions

Live, interactive webinars

Pre-recorded modules for purchase and unlimited use

Professional Development is available on a variety of topics, including:

  • Autism

  • Social-emotional learning

  • Specially designed instruction for various disabilities

  • Inclusive practices and Co-teaching/Co-serving

  • Behavior support

  • Paraprofessional training

Contact me to discuss other ideas for how I can support your staff in their critical work!


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