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Consulting and Coaching: Onsite or Virtual



We have all been there.  We read a book.  We go to a workshop.  We visit a specialist.  And then we go home or back to our classroom and still have all the same challenges, questions and frustrations. 

"Consulting" provides a short term but personalized experience, bringing the expertise you need in your authentic setting, in real time rather than through a traditional off-site, formal professional development session.  It allows for observation, individualized recommendations, and back and forth discussion.

"Coaching" goes beyond a one-time, "sit and get" session OR a short term consulting experience.  It is an ongoing, relationship-based process between the coach and the educational/family team, helping to maximize outcomes for all involved.  Coaching involves multiple visits, observations and ongoing informal communication between the coach and the team members. 


Coaching or consulting can include supports for academic skill development, home and community skills, social skills, functional communication, sensory needs and emotional/behavioral self management.  

Student Assemblies and Classroom Workshops


We provide student workshops and assemblies on a variety of topics, including:


  • Diversity

  • Mindfulness

  • Disability Awareness

  • Autism Awareness

  • Anti-bullying

  • Emotional Self Management

  • Friendship Skills

Customized Professional Development



Professional Development is available for service providers in a number of formats, including:


Live, interactive webinar

Pre-recorded webinars

Mp4 Modules for purchase and unlimited use

Professional Development is available on a variety of topics, including:

  • Autism

  • Disability awareness

  • Social-emotional learning

  • Specialized instruction for various disabilities

  • Inclusive practices

  • Co-teaching

  • Behavior support

  • Paraprofessional training

  • Collaboration and teamwork

Contact me to discuss other ideas for how I can support your staff in their critical work!


Social Distancing Concerns?

NO WORRIES!  I have a number of virtual options available as a "Plan A" or a "Plan B" option for professional development, classroom embedded coaching and individual or classroom consultations.  Please know that I will work with you to tailor a package of services that meets your district's needs in a safe, healthy and effective manner!

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