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What people are saying....

This conference was so good for me on so many levels....This is exactly why I became a teacher. It is so much more than academics.  This session rejuvenated my calling and my mission! Thank you for that. (Elementary teacher)

I just helped (student name) work through an emotional outburst using what I learned. Amazing results (and a lot less yelling). (Elementary teacher)

The entire presentation was relevant and applicable.  I am rarely engaged in a day-long session but this was an exception!  I am encouraging my principal to have her come to our school to work with all of our teachers! (Elementary counselor)

Lisa presents in a very relaxed but organized way.  She is extremely knowledgeable and speaks in relatable terms. I learned a lot and found it beneficial.  I can't wait to share what I learned with colleagues!

Lisa did a phenomenal job for us this year providing workshops.  We are already making plans to bring her back for next school year! (Professional Development Coordinator)

I am inspired by the progress our teams have made with your ongoing professional development and I don't ever want to lose this momentum. (Pupil Services Director)

Thank you so much, Lisa.  So many staff members have sent me messages about the recorded webinars.  They are full of great information. (Curriculum Director)

We always get tremendously positive feedback from staff who attend your sessions.  You're always the first person we contact when planning our yearly PD, because the most common request we get is "Bring Lisa back!!" 

(Pupil Services Director)

Thank you so much, Lisa!!  The teachers were so excited to share the information they learned with families, from someone they know and trust! (Preschool director)

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.  I want to bring you to each of our buildings to train us how to better work with our students with autism and emotional disabilities.  I really enjoyed the day with you and learned a great deal. (Principal)

Thank you for all of your guidance, Lisa.  Your sessions always provide a catalyst for communication. (Special Education Supervisor)

Anyone who has the opportunity to work with or learn from Lisa Combs is blessed! (Behavior Coach)

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